We are Forensic Auditors & Refund Specialists with over 22 years experience in the Telecommunications field.

It’s our job to investigate whether our clients are overpaying or eligible for hidden refunds based on their current Service Providers errors, over-sites and lack of transparency with their billing methods.

Our non-intrusive and contingency based auditing services investigate and identify hidden methods to:

  1. Reduce your monthly telecommunications expenses by identifying and eliminating incorrect billing.
  2. Negotiate to recover funds or credits for past overcharges to your accounts.
  3. Review ways to further reduce your costs without affecting your telecommunications services.
  4. Ensure accurate billing from your telecommunications company moving forward.
MR. PIERRE RANGER, BBA, has 22 years experience in telecommunications auditing and consulting. This includes a strong working knowledge of telecom tariffs both the ones mandated by the CRTC as well as the rules and regulations the suppliers (both in Canada and the USA) use but do not make public.
  1. He has conducted audits for a large number of both public and private sector organizations across Canada operating both official languages.
  2. Manages audits from start to finish. From the initial gathering of pertinent information, to analyzing the costs, uncovering the inconsistencies, errors and surplus services.
  3. Gathers proof to maximize the refunds for over-billing and manages negotiations leading to the actual refunds.
  4. Analyzes the services billed by the telecom suppliers to trim monthly charges by reducing costs and eliminating charges for unused or nonexistent services. Takes advantage of new ways to make the most of new technologies.
Mr. Ranger has also been called upon by clients to reorganize the way they track telecom services they receive from suppliers, how to negotiate renewal of contract services. Pierre provides training to clients and their employees to better manage the recurring charges using (online) tools available from suppliers that are otherwise not widely understood.

The Big Deal

Billing errors occur in over 80% of telecommunications accounts.

We’ve saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by examining their current charges and comparing them with current industry standards only our team of specialists with our experience would know to look and ask for.

“I’d been handling our [service expenses] for years and thought we were doing everything we could to save money… but it took a “different pair of eyes” (and 22 years of Pierre’s experience) to help us identify hidden-refunds we wouldn’t have even known we were eligible for!”
– Damien, I.T Manager


Key Benefits

Our Case Studies speak for themselves but we offer all our clients a zero-cost guarantee if our agents don’t find any refunds or future savings for your company during our investigation.

  • Non-intrusive:  We understand how disruptive new contractors and auditors can be to your employees and day-to-day operations, so we’ve streamlined our process to allow us to work off-site and with minimal interaction (unless clarification or authorization is needed).
  • No-Risk (Contingency Based) Auditing Costs:  If no cost-saving methods or refunds are found, there is no fee for our services.
  • Significant Cost-Saving Measures:  Many of our audits have recovered significant refunds and proactive (future) savings that have gone onto help companies cut-costs and increase cash flow.

Case Studies

  • A school board with more than 200 schools was paying for Centrex equivalent service that was under contract, unfortunately the telecom supplier failed to apply the correct rate associated with the contract for 80% of the locations. VeriAud  advised the supplier and was able to negotiate a refund of $193K.
  • A corporation was being billed for the Canadian portion of an international frame relay circuit that no longer exists. VeriAud used data forensics to recover a $100K refund in one case and another $300K in another.
  • An organization used a WAN service to connect all its locations, the telecom supplier billed portions of the network incorrectly by double billing and using incorrect rates. VeriAud analyzed the network services, corrected the billing and the net result was a refund of $180K



Hiring a Forensic Auditor can seem like a daunting process, which is why we’ve taken the time to address common misconceptions and concerns on your behalf :


“I can’t spare my staff to provide VERI-AUD INC. with the support to ….”

VERI-AUD INC. responds.  Every organization today is faced with the decision of how to best allocate its human resources…

GOOD NEWS.  VERI-AUD INC. requires very little in the way of your staff’s time because of the techniques we use to uncover errors.  The analysis is done off-site for the most part.  The only contact required with people in your organization is the occasional phone call to clarify a particular application of a telecommunications service.


“I recently switched long distance carrier and I am not prepared to  ….”

VERI-AUD INC. does not review your long distance charges nor does it analyze your telecommunications system’s operation. VERI-AUD INC. is a verification refund specialist.  The fact is we verify  your existing services to identify the incorrect application of monthly charges for services provided by the telephone company.  We look for inconspicuous and unsubstantiated charges that are hidden in a forest of overhead charges paid every month.


“This is an interesting offer of  service, if you can prove to me that you can do what you claim you can ………..”.

VERI-AUD INC. can offer  you a couple of ways to check us out.   Attached you will find some examples of the types of obscure items we can uncover in your telecommunications expenses.   And we would be most pleased to provide you with a list of clients including many that have received substantial refunds.


“I have a very competent staff.  We keep a close eye on changes on a regular basis and in fact we conducted …..”



Could anyone find fault with an organization like yours that would dare an outsider such as VERI-AUD INC. to review specific overhead expenses on a contingency basis.  VERI-AUD INC. asks only for the opportunity to review your telecommunications expenses.  If we find nothing you pay nothing.  That is the risk we take.  If we do get a refund cheque on your behalf we split it and you keep the future monthly savings generated by the “unearthed discovery” at no cost.


“We have just changed our entire system and we are not prepared to ….”


“We are about to change our entire system with the help of a consultant and we are not prepared ….”


“We are expanding our operation and I have no time to ….”


“Our down-sizing exercise means all available resources are required to  ….”

They are all valid concerns but they do not affect VERI-AUD INC.’s ability to perform the verification/ audit function.  Nor does it take away any of your staff’s valuable time.